01. Februar 2024 ab 20:00 Uhr: Absence Presence / deep listening concert – Maurice Schirm und Manuel Panksovic

+++ 01.02.2024 – 20h +++

“Absence Presence” – deep listening concert – @maurice.schirm & @panksovic

“Absence Presence” is an electronic four track EP. A fusion reminiscent of early 90’s IDM, break elements and soundscapes.

The project was created over the course of a year, starting with a dropbox file and developed between life never ending obligations.

Maurice Schirm & Panksovic will perform a 45-60min live set remixing the release and new tracks with Laptops and Synthesizer.

idm/ambient/experimental electronic

Kind invitations!

@iamlightleak Henrik Stelter
@maurice.schirm Maurice Schirm

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